Some of you have a terminal tax bill due 7 April 2013.  If you have IRD interest on these payments, you can pay a lower interest rate through Tax Management NZ.
Then IRD insist you pay again on 7 May 2013 for provisional tax.  This could well be ‘a bridge too far’ and your cashflow just can’t take it.
We have found a very easy and risk free funding option which is only for provisional tax and the IRD have approved it.  It is called Tax Finance.
By using Tax Finance (see table below) you decide when you want to pay your tax (maximum delay of 10 months for 7 May).  The tax intermediary arranges your payment into their tax pool which is a special account with the IRD.  All you have to do is pay the interest cost upfront. Then there’s nothing to pay until your selected maturity date.  You can even use this as a form of instalment such as arranging tax finance for 6 months and then paying 1/6th to Guardian Trust tax pool each month.  You won’t get any late payment penalties or IRD interest.
We suggest using Tax Management NZ as your tax intermediary.  They have the greatest experience in tax pooling and they guarantee the availability of the funds for both tax purchase and tax finance.
Tax finance for 7 May 2013
The finance rates are subject to change

3 Months6 Months10 Months
Provisional Tax Amount$5,000$5,000$5,000
Provisional Tax Due Date7 May 20137 May 20137 May 2013
Maturity Payment Date22 Aug 201322 Nov 2013Mar 2014
You pay only$120$198$315
Provisional Tax Amount$10,000$10,000$10,000
Provisional Tax Due Date7 May 20137 May 20137 May 2013
Maturity Payment Date22 Aug 201322 Nov 201324 Mar 2014
You pay only$240$396$630

Payment of interest due by 3 May 2013
Give us a call or you can deal with them directly for your tax assesment . Simply register as a business and then enter the finance request.  Please include our details with your registration.


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