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Should I be issuing T4A slips?

Should I be issuing T4A slips?

If you are a business or non-profit organisation in Canada then the answer is YES.  You are required to issues a T4A slip to ANYONE who you pay any of the following types of revenue to: pension or superannuationlump-sum paymentsself-employed...
Withholding Tax Changes for Contractors

Withholding Tax Changes for Contractors

For the purpose this these changes a contractor is someone who suppliestheir labour to a third person as an “independent contractor”.  Those in the trades are commonly referred to as contractors and may not necessarily be effected by these changes (although...

Seasonal Questions & Answers

Overtime Meal Allowances Question : In the lead-up to Christmas the elves are required to put in long working days and to work well into the evening beyond their normal work hours.  As a result, Santa is paying the elves a meal allowance in addition to their normal...

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