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Fuel Accountants Full Service Plan

You were born to drive, not be stuck under the hood! If taking care of the books is distracting you from the thrill of the race then allow us to be your Pit Crew.

Let’s face it. Running your business is more than a full-time job handling all the tasks required to operate smoothly and profitably.

Owning your own business can be the most rewarding way to live your life…but like driving a race car, requires a team that works in harmony in all phases of the business.


We know you know your business inside-out and are the expert in earning money doing what you do.

But…then there’s the annoying bur critical issues such as:

  • Cash flow management
  • Income taxes
  • Other taxes and reporting
  • Payroll and related taxes
  • Detailed, accurate monthly accounting
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Profit maximization
  • And more

Our team can partner with you to ensure that your financial engine is well oiled and humming with a minimum of fuss.

Here’s how this Full-Service program works:

  • First, we perform a complimentary review of your financial, accounting and tax situation to determine what areas of your financial management need expert assistance.
  • Then we custom design a program that will provide you what you need at surprisingly affordable rates!

In our experience, businesses that outsource their financial management get to the finish line the fastest because they can focus on driving the car and let us be your pit crew behind the scenes!

The Full Service Plan includes everything in our Self Service plan,  PLUS you get:

  • Ongoing support from your dedicated bookkeeper to process your receipts and bills, reconcile your bank accounts, manage receivables, process payroll, and more
  • A free Receipt-bank subscription (for scanning your receipts and invoices).
  • Monthly “Fuel Gauge” dashboard and performance reports so you know how your business is performing

All our Full Service clients receive the following:

Fuel Accountants gauge meterFuel Gauge
Sure – you could drive without a dashboard – but you’d make lots of mistakes (and get lots of tickets). Having reliable intelligence on how your business is performing is essential. Our one-page dashboard and monthly results pack will help you see what’s important about your business and how it is performing.

receipt bank logoReceipt-Bank Xero add-on application
Receipt-bank is a powerful Xero add-on that will turbo-charge your data entry for receipts, bills and employee reimbursements and help you stay compliant by storing copies of all your documents.

The goal of the full-service plan is to give you timely financial information so that you can better manage your business.
We promise to:

  • reduce your time, freeing you up to do what you do best – run your business and even take some time off,
  • reduce your stress, allowing you to enjoy your business and your time off, and
  • reduce your risk by ensuring that your books are in compliance with those pesky rules.

The monthly fee for this level of service is surprisingly inexpensive!

*Sales and income tax services are available in New Zealand and Canada.  For other locations we can supply the data to your tax preparer for review and filing.

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As certified Profit First Professionals we're able to help you plan and implement the Profit First methodology in your business.

Get a Sample of The Profit First Book

As certified Profit First Professionals we're able to help you plan and implement the Profit First methodology in your business.

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