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As a Xero award-winning accountant, I know how important training is to the successful implementation of Xero to my clients.  In fact, a lot of our Xero consulting and support work can be directly tied back to improper (or non-existent) training.  While Xero is “beautiful” and “simple” – it is still an accounting system, and if you just jump in and “do your best” you could end up with a real mess.  We offer two options for Xero training.  If you’re a beginner we recommend that you start with the video training.  Once you have that taken care of you can schedule live remote support calls as needs arise.

Video-based Training

We provide you access to our member’s only training site for 2 months. We have a library of videos and exercises that you can watch at your own pace to get up to speed.  You can come back and watch them again and again.

Start here if you are fairly new to Xero or want to cover a broad range of topics.  If you want to train multiple people or have a longer access period please contact us.

Access to this comprehensive training resource is US$100.

One-on-one training

Our one-on-one training option allows you to book half hour slots with our Xero Certified Advisers.  We work remotely with you showing you how to do anything you need in Xero.  It’s personal and highly interactive.

Start here if you already know the basics but just want to be refreshed on a few things.  Please note that this service can not be used for consulting or problem-solving.

Sessions cost US$55 each.

Our self-paced video series contains 3.5 hours of detailed video.  Here is what our video series currently covers (we will be bringing it up to date once the new Inventory module has been released):

  • Session 1: Introduction and Fundamentals (18 Mins)
  • Session 2: Bank Reconciliation (36 mins)
  • Session 3: Bank Transactions (26 mins)
  • Session 4: Contacts (14 mins)
  • Session 5: Chart of Accounts (17 mins)
  • Session 6: Reporting (25 mins)
  • Session 7: Invoicing (Accounts Payable and Receivable) * (14 mins)
  • Session 8: Managing Debtors * (37 mins)
  • Session 9: Advanced Debtors * (21 mins)

* = Not applicable to Cashbook edition users.

The videos are a little out of date, but still cover all the basics.  They have been developed for New Zealand based users, but as long as you can translate the Sales Tax issues they will generally be appropriate for other countries as well.  We will have more country-specific videos in the new update.

Here’s a free preview of the first session – Introduction and Fundamentals. It gives a good demo of the Xero platform.

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