Should I be issuing T4A slips?

Should I be issuing T4A slips?

If you are a business or non-profit organisation in Canada then the answer is YES.  You are required to issues a T4A slip to ANYONE who you pay any of the following types of revenue to: pension or superannuationlump-sum paymentsself-employed...
Starting a Business?

Starting a Business?

Wonderful – welcome to the excitement of owning your own business.If you’re still in the early stages of starting a business here are some things you might want to do early: Incorporate a Company There are several advantages of trading as a Corporation...

What documents should I keep?

You need to retain sufficient documentation to substantiate your claim to an expense deduction and GST Input Tax Credit.  The requirements are slightly stricter for something that includes GST (Note: GST refers equally to GST, HST and QST – we’ve...

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