Slip Stream

You can be a part of helping entrepreneurs in the developing world build a better business – one loan at a time!

What’s a Slip Stream?

A Slip Stream is created behind a fast moving vehicle. If another vehicle positions themselves behind that vehicle they get dragged along in the slip stream with less effort. You see this on the race track, in bicycle racing, and even when birds migrate.

At Fuel Accountants we’re all about helping our clients make more profit so that they can employ more people and benefit their families and their communities. But we want to do more.

Our Slip Stream initiative helps entrepreneurs in the developing world improve. They get to pull up behind you and enjoy the slip stream created by your journey!

We donate the first month’s accounting service fee for all new clients to Opportunity International’s Honduras project.

We’ve partnered with Opportunity International, a leader in supporting entrepreneurs through Micro Finance programs around the world. Here’s what’s been happening through this initiative lately (from OI’s Fall 2019 Impact Report):

Hardworking Hondurans are experiencing a sense of purpose, hope and help during what is a very difficult time in Honduran daily life. Because of you, once-marginalized men and women are empowered to keep afloat on their journey out of poverty.

Our local partner, IDH, has grown from 13 to 20 branches over the last 18 months. Two of these branches in Puerto Cortes and La Entrada now serve 671 new clients and are continuing to grow. They do not want to stop there and already have plans to open three more branches!

Over the past year IDH has been sponsoring Encounter Days, one day workshops for 100-150 Small to Medium Enterprises, where external trainers and local staff share their knowledge and expertise to help them grow.

Berta’s clothing and sheets business used to be small and stagnant. She struggled to reach new customers and never saw any growth. But when she began to partner with Opportunity International four years ago, everything changed.  She used her loans to buy fabric in bulk, and was soon saving her income. With increased revenue, she purchased a computer and a printer to start an internet café as a second source of income. Now, all five of her children are either studying or working. The youngest is in college studying finance and is doing a lot to help Berta with her business. She dreams of fixing up her home and giving her kids a future.

Why we love this

We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. We love blessing our clients. But we realize that there are many people out there that we can’t help. This is a way that we can directly impact people with the entrepreneurial spirit.

We chose Opportunity International because of their focus on education and Micro Finance. Micro Finance loans are not hand outs – they’re hand ups! They create expectation for improvement and help these business owners to increase capacity and employ more people in their communities. Because they are loans and not grants, every one of our donations gets to be used by dozens of entrepreneurs over the course of a couple of years. It’s the gift that keeps ongiving!

Accounting Service Fees include the core Self Service or Full Service Fees. Valet fees are apportioned. Excludes startup fees.


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