Summer can be the harshest of seasons on our looks with greater exposure to the elements, especially sun, having an ageing effect on our skin. So it is especially important that you have a professional aesthetician analyse your skin at the beginning of the season to provide you with the correct information to treat your skin according to your specific needs both in home care and in-salon treatments. Choose a salon that has staff qualified in the use of an electronic skin scanner and who will write you a prescription report explaining exactly what you should be including in your home care regime. At this time of the year most people require products high in anti-ageing anti-oxidants, especially Vitamins C, E, F and A. Look for quality products that utilise powerful vitamin serums and creams to help the skin fight off the effects of ageing elements such as sun, pollution, stress, smoking and even fluorescent lighting. If you are enjoying treatments in your favourite salon choose facial procedures that highlight these fast acting, deep penetrating serums to ensure high doses of these important anti-oxidants are present in your skin and providing you protection.
With the warmth of summer and plenty of outdoor functions to attend, your wardrobe will show off more skin than in the cooler months. A great way to start the season is to indulge yourself with a skin smoothing, full body exfoliation and massage. Most salons use aromatic oils and delicious salts to scrub your skin leaving it looking and feeling silky smooth and even toned. Spray tans are also a popular way of looking golden tanned early in the season and the secret to a great tan is exfoliating well before you get sprayed. But remember a spray tan is not a sunscreen and the use of a SFP 30+ sunscreen is vital every day no matter what the weather conditions, for great looking skin both now and in years to come.


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