Self Service Plan

Fuel Accountants Self Service Plan

Do More Yourself…Save Money! DIY Bookkeeping with an Expert Accountant on call and doing the harder stuff.

Maybe you’re a more hands on type of business owner. You want to keep professional fees down and are willing to take on more of the daily financial and bookkeeping chores yourself.

This Self-Service plan is designed to help you keep running your business while giving you the support that you need…when you need it. In the Self-Service model you keep costs low by doing all the day to day bookkeeping yourself.

No Unnecessary Fees For The Do-It-Yourself Business Owner!
Created for those who want to take care of the daily financial and accounting tasks themselves…with the safety of a high-level consulting crew there for you when you need additional help.

The Self-Service Plan can expand to your specific needs so that you can focus on your core strengths. It’s not your “once a year” standard offering – it’s year-round support designed to keep your business accounting engine running smooth with the minimum of fuss and lower, very affordable fees.

In the Self Service Plan we will:

  • Perform a regular Xero tune-up and provide feedback on your results and Xero management
  • Pay for your Xero subscription (we will manage the subscription for you).
  • Review your Sales Tax data and file your Sales Tax returns* for you
  • Prepare year-end adjustments to get your accounts tax-ready
  • Prepare a formal set of accounts (compilation engagement)
  • File your business tax return*
  • Hold a year-end wrap-up and coaching session with you
  • Answer your bookkeeping questions any time at no charge
  • Help you plan for your tax payments using the Profit First methodology
  • Give you access to our private client site where you can learn how to become more profitable

We offer optional upgrades to increase the service level to include more frequent tune-ups as necessary, for an appropriate change in fee. For example, if you need assistance making decisions on a complicated matter…we can provide enhanced professional support and guidance on an “as-needed” basis.This is a plan that is carved out for the DIY business owner, saving you big money in professional fees…but allows flexibility for higher level support if the situation arises!

Here’s how it works:

  • First, we perform a complimentary review of your financial, accounting and tax situation to determine what areas of your financial management could use some help.
  • Next, we train you in how to use the software tools
  • Then we schedule your tune-ups, sales tax filings and year-end accounts and tax returns so that you don’t have to worry about them!

We Ride Shotgun Right Along With You…

We become your “co-driver”, sitting next to you, taking care of the scheduled maintenance, and ready and willing to help you at a moment’s notice, springing into action as soon as you need us.

This Self-Service Plan is one of our most popular systems because many of you can handle a good portion of your bookkeeping on your own…but still want the safety of an expert team making sure that you’re doing it right.

Sound interesting?

Here’s how you can find out if this low-cost but high-value professional service is for you:

Please call in New Zealand (04) 831 1232, in Canada & rest of World 1-(647) 367-0876 or email us at to discuss the process and schedule your appointment. Remember there is NO COST and NO OBLIGATION with this appointment.

Even if you don’t hire us, you will have gained knowledge about how you can improve your net income while staying totally in compliance with all the hovering regulators.

So you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose but a little time by giving us a call now!

The monthly fee for this level of service is surprisingly inexpensive!

*Sales and income tax services are available in New Zealand and Canada.  For other locations we can supply the data to your tax preparer for review and filing.

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As certified Profit First Professionals we're able to help you plan and implement the Profit First methodology in your business.

Get a Sample of The Profit First Book

As certified Profit First Professionals we're able to help you plan and implement the Profit First methodology in your business.

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