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Don’t be blasé about tax debt

Don’t be blasé about tax debt

When it comes to paying bills, we often tend to be blasé and put our financial responsibilities into the too hard basket.  Ignoring debt is the easy option at the time but eventually things catch up with you.  When it comes to paying tax, it is even more important to...
Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

Thinking about giving your staff a well deserved Christmas Present of Bonus this year? Cash bonuses are always subject to PAYE and should be put through your standard payroll process. There is a category called “Extra Emolument” designed to avoid overly penalising...

When an invoice is not a Tax Invoice

I find it frustrating when I buy something for business and get given a receipt or till docket and find that it is not a valid tax invoice.  It’s amazing how many businesses issue invoices that aren’t valid tax invoices for GST purposes.  So, having the personality...

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