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Communicating during a pandemic   

Communicating during a pandemic   

Most small business owners face a time in their career when they have to communicate in ways or about topics they aren’t comfortable with. COVID-19 has put small business owners in the position of having many conversations that are uncomfortable and stressful....
COVID-19 and your Business (Canada)

COVID-19 and your Business (Canada)

Things are moving fast.  This page has already been superseded.  Please consult our COVID-19 summary page for more direction. COVID-19 is hitting business owners really hard.  In this video Fuel Accountant’s founder, Peter McCarroll, discusses what you need to...

Customer Frustration Department

Last week I got an automated call from my credit card company.  They had noticed some strange activity on my credit card and wanted me to call to verify the details.  Their message was pre-recorded and automated (I’m feeling suspicious already – I already get...

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