Peter McCarroll

Peter McCarroll

About Peter McCarroll

Peter is the founder of Fuel Accountants and has been in public accounting since 1988 when he started working for his Dad's accounting practice (and helped bring in the first computers) before working for Deloitte for 11 years. His loves working one-on-one with his clients and staff teaching, implementing technology, and helping his clients make their businesses more profitable. Peter is a member of CPA Ontario and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. In 2012 Peter was awarded Xero's first ever "Most Valuable Professional" award. He owns four businesses and when he is not working he loves travelling (sometimes with his wife and 4 kids - sometimes without), reading and teaching.

Best Practices for using Xero

We have lots of clients who do their own bookkeeping in Xero.  Here are our Best Practices for managing your own bookkeeping: Keep your personal...

Should I take Dividend or a Salary from my Corporation?

Many Canadian business owners operate their business through a corporation rather than as a Sole Proprietor.  The most common question we get is whether the...

Should I make charitable contributions from my company or personally?

Many Canadians support non-profit organisations through Charitable Contributions.  But as a business owner, which is the most tax-efficient way to donate?  Through your corporation or...

Customer Frustration Department

[caption id="attachment_3388" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash[/caption]Last week I got an automated call from my credit card company.  They had noticed some...

Should I be issuing T4A slips?

Should I be issuing T4A slips?
If you are a business or non-profit organisation in Canada then the answer is YES.  You are required to issues a T4A slip to ANYONE...

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