Use Taxes in Xero

Use Taxes in Xero

Use Taxes are often reverse Sales Tax that businesses self-assess. This is common in US States and Canadian Provinces with PST (BC, SK & MB) which require businesses to self-assess Use Tax on out-of-state/province purchases.  Xero goes a great job of managing...
Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Summer can be the harshest of seasons on our looks with greater exposure to the elements, especially sun, having an ageing effect on our skin. So it is especially important that you have a professional aesthetician analyse your skin at the beginning of the season to...

Online Marketing – Google Adwords

Without question, Google AdWords is one of the best marketing tools to  use for your  business. Since it really is one of the strategies you should be using, I’ll use the time we have this month to give you a general overview of how to get results, and in a later...

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